2025 Nominations
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2025 Nominations

Know someone deserving who should be recognized? Nominate that person.

YOU can nominate your “Conservation Heroes” for induction into the Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame! Do you know someone who is deserving of this honor? If so, please submit a nomination recognizing their outstanding contributions to the restoration, conservation, and protection of our great state of Montana. Don’t overlook the women, tribal members, and residents of eastern Montana whose accomplishments might otherwise go unnoticed.


Every two years, we seek to induct a diverse group whose accomplishments show that they belong in the Montana Outdoor Hall of Fame. Nominees do not have to be living nor do they have to reside in Montana, so long as they have spent some time in the state and their impact to Montana was or is significant and lasting.


The MOHF Board of Directors makes the final selection of inductees based on the recommendation provided by a large and representative review committee comprised of a cross-section of Montana’s conservation, environmental and outdoor community.

Nominations for the induction of the Class of 2025 will be open in the fall of 2024

Here are the criteria the MOHF uses to review and select inductees:


How has the nominee made a significant contribution to Montana’s natural environment (fish, wildlife, waters, plants, soil, or air)? Note: The MOHF strives to recognize a broad range of conservation achievements, not just the work of biologists, land managers, or nonprofit advocates. The guiding principle is that all significant contributions to Montana’s environment, broadly construed, merit recognition by the MOHF.


How has the nominee made a significant contribution to the public’s enjoyment of or access to Montana’s natural environment? Note: The MOHF wants to recognize contributions to Montana’s environment as well as contributions to the public’s enjoyment. Access to Montana’s environment contributes to that enjoyment.


How has the nominee fostered appreciation of and respect for Montana’s natural environment? Note: Montana’s natural environment benefits when Montanans appreciate and respect it. The MOHF wishes to recognize not only contributions that directly benefit Montana’s environment, but also those that benefit it indirectly.


How will the nominee’s accomplishments have a lasting impact for Montana’s natural environment? Note: Some contributions to Montana’s environment, however worthy, will not have a lasting benefit. The MOHF wishes to recognize contributions with lasting benefits.


How have the nominee’s contributions inspired others to act on behalf of Montana’s natural environment? Note: The MOHF wishes to recognize not just those whose contributions have impacted Montana’s natural environment, but those whose contributions have inspired others to act on behalf of Montana’s natural environment.

Nominees are reviewed and vetted by a group of reviewers representing the cross-section of Montana’s diverse conservation, environmental and outdoor community including at least one representative from each of the following categories:


      • Historical community
      • State and/or federal natural resource agency
      • Hunting-conservation advocacy
      • Fishing-conservation advocacy
      • Wildland advocacy
      • Land trust-preservation
      • Environmental advocacy
      • Environmental historian, philosopher, or writer
      • Ranching and farming
      • Native American